ParaPivot Alicja Kwade
Contemporary Art

ParaPivot by Alicja Kwade – Contemporary Art Installation

It’s very symbolic to put something on the “hat”, let’s say, atop of all we have achieved in the last thousands and thousands of years. My work actually is about structures. And time is one structure. It’s very basic forms, you have squares and spheres. And the frames stand for human made systems, we build buildings for the development of our reality but also for the development of our society. And I tried to get stones from all over the world—from India, Finland, Italy, China, and I try somehow to meld our planet earth back together. So it’s like looking at yourself from a very strange perspective. They look like planets because they are stones and they are millions and millions of years old, so it is like compressed time. It’s a lot about time and space so I try somehow to look at those both systems and how they interact.

In my studio, you know, we did like a 3-D animation to see how it would appear and interact with the skyline. I was not getting that far to calculate the position of the moon, but of course I was hoping those moments when the two other spheres which are you know guiding us all the day and all the year would appear from time to time. What I’m fascinated about is basic human questions as what reality is, why we are here, and the limitation of our senses which are not allowing us to ever really answer those questions.

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