Cosplay a Performance Art or porn

Is Cosplay a Performance Art or porn?

Cosplay… Art or porn? I’ll start by saying that everyone owns their life and we can do with our body and our taste whatever we want! But giving our opinions we must respect the others And do not cross the line of respect, and knowing how to express without offending others.

We must also understand that we must not misinterpret the commentary of others so here we need a open mind. Now as a cosplayer, cosmaker and lover of this art, sometimes I feel a little offended when some people want to invent another stuff for cosplay like: fanservis, cosporn and other variants … looking just for other purposes.

Sexy Cosplay Girls

Maybe for pornographic purposes, purposes to search fans, and they sell the art of cosplay as something else. There are very creative variants of coplay like gijinka, beautiful artwork of cosplayer. There is also the steampunk people mix it with anime characters and it look so beautiful eg sailor moon Steampunk! I love that one! Someday I will do it.

Sexy Cosplay Girls

Sexy Nude Cosplay

There are also genderbenders because then it will be totally disoriented of cosplay. And then there’s the Furry Cosplay you dress like teddy of any character also if you cannot show your face. But this is so cool for those who dare to do this. Talking with a friend about this topic. He told me the pages of one of the most famous cosplayers that always shows her boobies, a fan asked in a photo that does not show anything.. where are your boobies? This makes me think … there are fans looking at you just for your body and not for your art… your cosplay. Then you stop.. and think …. do you really want fans that follow you for that? Or for your art and your creations? It happened to me once, when I posted my cosplay of Akane a very conservative cosplay a girl.


Sexy Naked Cosplay Girls

I love when people talk to me and write to me, is very cute l! I love it! But it got my attention because she told me did not like it, that she preferred me to be with hottest characters they look better on me. But the cosplay is not always being sexy is being with characters that you like. It is enough if you like the design personality, or cuz you are in a cosplay group anything can be a motivator for cosplay, it does not have to be always sexy to see you nice and expose your art I made sexy cosplays and I do not feel bad for it!

Sexy Naked Cosplay Girls

Sexy Anime Girl Cosplay

Example! I did my bodysuit of Princess Serenity, in the final chapter where she appears naked and my presentation was Sailor Moon naked! I had my body suit and left everything to the imagination of the public… But it appears in the anime and I was not being obscene Dizzy is another super sexy and revealing character but I made adaptations without altering the essence of the character Saeko’s character is super sexy and I did sexy without showing more.

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If you see the character artwork is super Hechi but hey! ! I had fun doing! I am a woman, I like women sensuality without having to reach beyond. Not obscene! Nude art! Not so delicate topic, you can do nudes a bit controversial in the fact that not many characters make artistic nudes without being obscene eg Lucy elfen lied in the illustrations is naked and you can do art…

But not going to pick a character like .. Akane tendo and will oppose two pigs here and go like. That is going somewhere else .. The problem is not the girls that in my opinion are selling their bodies and are denigrating and not giving respect as women

And excuse me girls who have done so, do not think I`m judging you, everyone does what they want with their lives.. the real problem become when people follow this as an art and it is not art is something else.

The cosplay is a beauty of art You can be sexy not being obscene, that’s my slogan. Always! I really admire Cosplayers, and they show a lot they make good work as cosmakers.

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God made us as we are and we must be satisfied with our body. But the world of cosplay has caught the attention of many girls girls to get fake boobies only for getting attention, and I go back and tell the same…. cosplay is not for that, the cosplay is to expose art, to play as the character, not for change your body and find more fans. It is my opinion I do not want anyone offended