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I have been getting a lot of tattoo questions lately so right now I’m going to do my tattoo Q and A.

What inspires your art? And that is a good question. I guess what inspires my art is first of all my clients, because they are the ones that are asking for my art.

My mom is an artist she has exhibits with her paintings which are semi digital and painted paintings and she said to me: like I don’t understand how you can do what you do because you have these clients that are kind of asking for this art this design and you have to make it after their demand.

While I can just sit here and do whatever I feel like. And I told her like yes, but that’s how you love to make your art. I’m not that comfortable with that kind of art creating. I’m actually more comfortable with having a client telling me: “I want a flower and maybe a skull and then something’s gonna happen to the skull.” And she kind of just creates an image in my head just by talking and maybe people sometimes they don’t even come up with the visual like arose in the skull or something sometimes they’re like.

Well I’m into this artists and their music and I once I went to a concert and thing I start seeing images of their story and I try to find like images of that. It’s difficult to explain but first of all it’s always the clients that inspire me of for my tattoos. Sometimes I see other tattoo artists and what they do. And I also like to look at tattooed porn stars. When I’m watching tattoo porn on the internet and see hot girls with tattoos. And it gives me kind of a oh my god that booty tattoo looks awesome. I’m gonna try to remember that technique or that color use or that pattern or whatever and maybe try that in one of my designs one day.

So that’s to see what other tattoo artists are making that’s always a big inspiration. The main thing is to never copy, but just be inspired and try new things because if I mean how can we learn how can be how can we ever evolve if we don’t get inspiration from others like yourself.

Tattoo babes galleries – Hot sexy tattoo girlsThat was my questions and answers for this time. If you have more questions for me I would love to hear them.

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Read This Before You Get Inked

Read This Before You Get Inked

The key element is finding your artist. You and your artist should have a relationship, where he does awesome work, and you get awesome work. You should allow your artist as much freedom as possible, because he’s going to know how it’s going to lay out, as a quarter sleeve, or a half sleeve or a full sleeve, because he has a lot of experience doing that.

I’ve found with tattoo clients, even very heavily tattooed clients, that generally speaking, their ideas aren’t very good. It’s like me going to a plumber, and telling him what I think he should do, to make all the pipes work. When really, I just want the pipes to be awesome. When you pay somebody, and that’s their vocation, their livelihood, and what they do, chances are that they’re going to be able to provide you with an incredible set of art, that you would have never even considered. It’s good to give guidelines, though, or ideas. Not like, hey, I want this, with this around it, with these initials in it, because then, that’s exactly what you’re going to get, and it’s going to be crap, but if you’re like well, I really want to represent temptation, or some kind of idea, or some kind of feeling or mood, or tone, or experience.

Then, I would relay that to my artist, and say, Hey, I want to get something that represents the fact that I just had a child. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to get a picture of the baby, all busted, with funny hair, and no teeth and stuff. There’s a million ways to represent parenting, and reproduction, and love, and eternal bliss, and like all this crap, responsibility. Like, if you just think about the concept, and give your artist those, then he can take those, and create something incredible with it.

Things to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Things to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Getting tattooed is done for a variety of reasons and it’s always a long crazy story. I think L.A. Ink and those shows screwed it up for us because now clients want to go on and on about this whole story. The truth is tattoos mean whatever you want them to mean. Every single tattoo that’s on my body which is the majority of my body reminds me of exactly of where I was, who I was living with, who did it, what was happening at my; at that time in my life. So there’s really no reason to like do a big elaborate piece and then put a million little initials in it.

Even though people still ask for that all the time. What you’ll find is after you wear it for a good ten years or so you’ll still remember every detail about what was happening and it’s like time’s encapsulated in that tattoo. So really a lot of people try to choose designs that are very important to them or very sacred to them and a lot of people just try and get a cool tattoo. The truth is there are as many reasons to get a tattoo as there are tattoos and which ever one works for you is what you should do.

A lot of people draw up their own stuff and bring it in and while that is valid and we do that all the time. Just because somebody can create art on paper is really totally unrelated to being able to create it on skin. Simple replications of client’s art is very simple however it’s limiting. And especially if you are going to wear this for the rest of your life. The last thing you want to do is limit your artist. You want your art to be limitless, you want your art to break boundaries and blow minds. My favorite question is when people ask my clients is that a real tattoo. Cause the theory there is that it shouldn’t even look like a tattoo. It should look like a piece of art on the skin.

Really the best thing to do is to find an artist that you respect, an artist that, that’s really good. And an artist that has a vast, diverse portfolio with a lot of different styles that you are in to. And then lay it on them, let them you know tear it up. A good tattooer is going to take your idea enhance it, compound it and make it into something far superior to anything as a new client you are going to be able to visualize. There is so many factors that go into a tattoo that clients can’t comprehend that it’s good to find an artist you trust and put your trust in their hands.