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I have been getting a lot of tattoo questions lately so right now I’m going to do my tattoo Q and A.

What inspires your art? And that is a good question. I guess what inspires my art is first of all my clients, because they are the ones that are asking for my art.

My mom is an artist she has exhibits with her paintings which are semi digital and painted paintings and she said to me: like I don’t understand how you can do what you do because you have these clients that are kind of asking for this art this design and you have to make it after their demand.

While I can just sit here and do whatever I feel like. And I told her like yes, but that’s how you love to make your art. I’m not that comfortable with that kind of art creating. I’m actually more comfortable with having a client telling me: “I want a flower and maybe a skull and then something’s gonna happen to the skull.” And she kind of just creates an image in my head just by talking and maybe people sometimes they don’t even come up with the visual like arose in the skull or something sometimes they’re like.

Well I’m into this artists and their music and I once I went to a concert and thing I start seeing images of their story and I try to find like images of that. It’s difficult to explain but first of all it’s always the clients that inspire me of for my tattoos. Sometimes I see other tattoo artists and what they do. And I also like to look at tattooed porn stars. When I’m watching tattoo porn on the internet and see hot girls with tattoos. And it gives me kind of a oh my god that booty tattoo looks awesome. I’m gonna try to remember that technique or that color use or that pattern or whatever and maybe try that in one of my designs one day.

So that’s to see what other tattoo artists are making that’s always a big inspiration. The main thing is to never copy, but just be inspired and try new things because if I mean how can we learn how can be how can we ever evolve if we don’t get inspiration from others like yourself.

Tattoo babes galleries – Hot sexy tattoo girlsThat was my questions and answers for this time. If you have more questions for me I would love to hear them.

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